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Content has become the centerpiece for effective brands in the 21st century. By using storytelling as a differentiator, brands are selling their product as an experience as much, if not more, than their products or services.

Storytelling in marketing is driven by a brand’s mission and their innovative technologies. In order to be effective, storytelling must add value to the audience. The general audience, in any given market, has become highly fragmented and has radically changed their behavior in the last decade. At the same time the traditional agency model is being disrupted: the new kids showed up on the block. To stay relevant, the production and distribution of ads and branded content must be agile and lean.

But how do brands really tell stories in the 21st century?
We look forward to discussing this with our panelists:

— Social Media @ BVG
>> www.bvg.de
After working for almost a decade in fashion as a photographer and director, Thilo expanded into the field of communications. Thilo freelanced in art direction and creative concepts, specializing in storytelling and shitstorms, and is now the social media manager responsible for all social media activities at BVG.

— Senior Creative Strategist @ Highsnobiety
>> www.highsnobiety.com
In the age of the Gram and an increasingly connected global community, a lot of brands blindly navigate this space and lose themselves in clichés of “the lifestyle of Millennials and Gen Z.” Rather than stereotyping consumers, Susanne offers insights on how brands can forge real connections through solutions that make a difference, and add value. She now works for Highsnobiety, a leading fashion and lifestyle publication which bridges the gap between culture and product through branded content.

The panel will be moderated by:
— Founder + Managing Director @ Impolite
>> www.impolite.com
Lorenzo spent the last 11 years between TV studios, movie sets, startup offices, and the fashion industry. He is the director and producer of marketing and distribution of “Fking Amazing”, a documentary that explores success, ambition, and failure through 220 interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, and politicians around the world. The movie was presented during the Berlinale 2016. After running an advertising agency for the German market he founded Impolite Media in 2017. He is also the co-founder of instectfood.life, a cricket based food production in Milan.

The FilmTech Meetup #15 is presented by:
Impolite Media is a creative agency and a production company based in Berlin. Impolite has a strong roster of movie production professionals, digital media innovators, directors, DoPs, art directors, and photographers from around the world. With decentralized and diverse creatives, the production process becomes leaner and the creative work meaner.

CREATIVE EUROPE MEDIA Desk Berlin-Brandenburg
Creative Europe Media is the European program supporting the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work.

The FilmTech Office is a co-working space for creatives & entrepreneurs in film, storytelling & tech.



November 26, 2018

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1st Floor, Meditation Room, Factory Berlin Mitte


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