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Foresight and Innovation Circle: Emerging technologies

Questions about the future were and are increasingly shaped by trends, technical inventions, and innovations. But in the same way, questions of culture, creativity, and coexistence are also being incorporated into the design of future developments.

Knowledge transfer, data networks & visualization, its global accessibility, and it ́s relative interpretation play a major role. For this reason, an interdisciplinary approach is always chosen within foresight and methods developed for this purpose are used to design futures and discuss future issues.

The same goes for the question of what innovation, i.e. the application of new ideas and techniques, does in a socio-technical system and how change can be planned and organized. For this event, we will bring guest speaker Michell Zappa to share how technology can be seen as the key force that transforms societies and industries. How technology is constantly changing our behavior and our way to see and face reality, as much as our use and desires are what shapes it.

About the guest speaker

Michell Zappa, technology futurist, information designer and founder of Envisioning, a technology foresight institute. His work aims to illustrate the implications of accelerating change and facilitate a higher level of awareness about our relationship to technology. Michell has collaborated on projects on all continents. He is a renowned public speaker and frequently consults on technological strategy. He works with people in government agencies, corporations and academic institutions.

About the Foresight and Innovation Circle

The Foresight and Innovation Circle gives participants access to current developments, to design an exchange, to challenge existing approaches, and to develop a shared vision on the topic. All within an open and safe space for discussion. Come, find allies, see how others solved similar problems you are facing, learn what is new in the scene and connect with like-minded people.

Arthur Soares, Envisioning

Arthur Soares is a partner and head of product at Envisioning. He is responsible for directing and managing the development of the digital tools used by the company and clients. In earlier stages of Envisioning, he has also participated in the development of research methodology and scouting of emerging technologies.

Michael Schönmoser, 4strat GmbH

Micha provides strategic and policy consulting at 4strat GmbH. He develops software-based foresight methods and strategies to handle, monitor and control complex processes. He has been a member of several Think Tanks.



April 2, 2019

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


1st Floor, Workshop Room 1.3.1, Factory Görlitzer Park,
Lohmühlenstr. 65
Berlin, Berlin 12345 Germany


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