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Art Solar & Positive Social Media meet Google for Entrepreneurs to discuss the movement towards impact in regards to sustainable business, investment and lifestyle. The event includes talks from Mimycri, ecoligo and Live Conscious and 100% natural, plant based, handmade, gluten free and vegan ice cream from Tribeca IceCream.



– Diversity in the workplace, its impact and challenges.
– Sustainable investment, why its important to start thinking sustainably in your investment choices, the impacts and barriers.
– Sustainability in a startup environment, reducing your carbon footprint and fostering a more sustainable office culture.
– Sustainable Lifestyle, how to transform everyday activities into positive impact



5:30pm – Doors Open
6:00pm – Introduction of Panelists (5 min each)
6:20pm – 30 Minute Panel Discussion
6:50pm – 10 Minute Q&A
7:00pm – 15 Min community discussion (open platform for everyone to participate and share experiences)
7:15pm – Beers, Drinks and Tribeca IceCream Break: 100% natural, handmade, gluten free and vegan!
8:00pm – Closing of event


About Art Solar

Art Solar is a collaboration between socially impactful organisations to create a community centred events. The goal is empowering stakeholders with practical tools and information to adopt more sustainable practices and higher degree of mindfulness. We hope to bring business, government, citizens, refugees, children, women and families together and showcase that transforming everyday activities into positive social change is possible. In collaboration with Google for Entrepreneurs & @thebeammagazine, this event brings startups and citizen led initiative, who will be sharing their individual story, their challenges, and address the topics of diversity, sustainability, conscious investment and lifestyle.



Nora, Founder of Mimycri

Mimycri is a registered non-for-profit organisation in Germany. In a diverse team, refugees and Berliners make history tangible by working together. They are upcycling broken refugee rubber boats into high quality bags and backpacks.


Emma Patmore, Marketing manager at ecoligo

ecoligo provides a fully financed solar-as-a-service solution for businesses in emerging markets. Solar projects are financed through the Crowd-investing platform ecoligo.investments, promoting citizen participation in the global energy transition by providing sustainable investment opportunities.

By providing businesses with affordable, clean energy, ecoligo supports local economic development in developing and emerging countries, as well as tackling climate change.


Fiona, Author of Live Conscious

Live Conscious is a berlin based sustainable lifestyle and travel blog dedicated to providing the local community with useful, practical information and tips on how to live a more conscious life.


Interview and Community Engagement Support by LAMA

A platform that connects idealists, leading entrepreneurs and inspiring people around the world to share their stories in a video interview. You can show the world who you are and what you do best!



August 23, 2018

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Google Space @ Factory Görlitzer Park


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