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The Alex@Ingenno Factory Talks are a series of events about the process of creating and designing new visuals, products, brands, interfaces and more.

The purpose of the talks is to present and explain how a design project starts and unfolds, what the key-players are, what challenges to expect and how to anticipate them.

Depending on the design discipline and whether the project is about designing a new IoT product, a User Experience, a User Interface or a new Brand and Identity, there are differences about the way the outcome is created and the technologies involved. On the other hand, Alex uses a holistic user-centred approach and applies Design Thinking problem solving and ideation techniques to reassure that the values and the purpose of the result are in sync with the user’s needs and the brief requirements.

The talks are aimed to serve as a platform of discussion and constructive exchange of challenging subjects and ideas for startup founders, inventors, engineers and developers, project managers, marketers, creative professionals and whoever is involved in a project which is around creating something that other people are going to experience, use and interact with.


The first event is about:

Internet of Things (IoT) products and systems are going to flood our everyday environment pretty soon. There are already countless cases of new products being designed and developed, but there are also many concepts waiting to materialise themselves into successful products! What is the process of creating a new product from scratch, consisting of a physical enclosure full of electronics with functional features and of a digital counterpart with a User Interface (UI)? What are the key factors to watch for, in order to reach the point of having an optimal prototype, ready for testing, pitching and manufacturing? In this first talk, Alex will explain the process of New Product Design & Development and pinpoint what is important and how to pave the way to a great outcome.


18:00-19:00 Interactive presentation and talk by Alex

19:00-20:00 Discussion and Q&A


About Ingenno Design:

Ingenno Design is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Berlin providing strategic consulting and creative services for user-centred UX/UI, industrial, product, branding and visual communication design.


About Alex@Ingenno:

a.k.a. Alex Didaskalou is the founder of Ingenno and has a long experience as a Design Director, researcher, consultant and lecturer.



June 19, 2018

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Lounge, 1st Floor, Factory Mitte


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