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COVID-19 & Sustainability/ De-growth Scenarios with Ricardo Silva & Earth Healing Meditation with Cari Merriam!

About this event

“What’s the future going to look like?

The Covid-19 pandemic gives us much time for reflection, reimagination and cultivating positive intentions. To create a space for clarity, discussion and positive energy, we propose a facilitated discussion based on future thinking principles. We will lead into a systematic exploration of possible, probable and preferable future scenarios informed by trends emerging today – to help people and organizations create a shared vision of the future.

Join us during an hour of playful live discussions where we’ll use tested Visualization Techniques and Logical Reasoning through complex environments. Let’s help each other understand what our role will be in the future and to make better decisions on how to achieve it today.

The discussion will be rounded off by an Earth Healing Meditation by the wellbeing expert Cari Merriam.

About the Facilitators

Ricardo Silva is a thought leader in the area of climate change and sustainable living. He has conceptualized an engaging scenario-shaping workshop format that invites the participants to imagine the future based on current observations and mega-trends. Thinking and visualizing broadly while reasoning the interdependencies of various factors of life and sectors of society is a key skill of any entrepreneurial changemaker to be developed and maintained.

Integrated into this workshop Cari Merriam will lead an Earth Healing Meditation for “Mama Gaia”. Cari is a Factory member and a renowned spiritual teacher, yogini and modern sage. In the current pandemic, she feels called to be a conduit of connecting people with themselves and Mother Earth.

Who is it for?

This is event is for changemakers, entrepreneurs and anyone are interested in a sustainable lifestyle and want to be proactive forces of systemic change.

Why attend?

To engage in a Covid-19 & sustainability / de-growth conversation

To develop skills like key visualization and reasoning multi-factor interdependencies

To connect deeply with yourself, others and mother Earth

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April 29

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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