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React Native vs. Native App Development – Developers Circle Kick-Off

We are happy to present you an event that will solve many of your questions around app development strategies and techniques.

One of the most important questions when starting a new app project (especially if you are dealing with clients) is what technology to use, React Native or pure native app development. This event will be based around that discussion.

The first part would be a short introduction to the pros and cons of each technology. The second part would be an open discussion about the problems you are facing and feedback regarding your projects.

– React Native vs Native app development
– Open Q&A
– Networking

The event is organised by Aemal and Perjan, members of Factory Berlin, and co-captains of Developers Circle (if you are a member too – you are highly welcomed to join our slack channel #developers-circle in the Factory Berlin slack).

Factory Berlin gathers the most ambitious creators from the tech, creative and corporate industries, curating a diverse community to connect, collaborate and thrive. As a platform for active networking, our digital products, spaces, startup labs, events, and programs encourage new connections to impact our surroundings and world.

Factory Berlin Circles are communities of people united by a single passion, who meet each other on a regular basis to help, inspire and just catch up with each other. Program started organically as a way to bring together experts, and currently, we are having Developers
Circle, IoT, Blockchain, Sustainability, Designers, Solopreneurs and more.

Who is Perjan?
Perjan has developed native apps since iOS 4 (that’s like 100 years ago).
He has developed more than 20 personal apps, downloaded more than 3.000.000 times.
He is the founder of Imperium Apps (imperiumapps.com), an app development studio, focused on augmented reality and native apps.
He also founded MoneyCoach, a financial empowerment app, featured by Apple worldwide and installed in every Apple Store in Germany.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/perjanduro/

Who is Aemal?
Aemal is an experienced JavaScript developer and runs a React first agency in Berlin, ReactGeeks (reactgeeks.com), where he helps startups in building their web and mobile apps using React.js and React Native. He has built over 50 different small to medium sized desktop, web and mobile apps in the past 17 years.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aemal/



July 2, 2019

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Volta, Basement, Factory Berlin Mitte


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