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Smart Networking

There are 2446 Factory Members… have you met the ones MOST relevant to you?

Are you sure you’re getting the full benefit of the Factory’s massive community?

Like you, we (Max and Jeremy) are typical Factory members – we love to meet people who are relevant to our businesses… but we’re also massively short on time.


When you’re low on time, the last thing you want is an event which REQUIRES you to:

Be good at starting conversations with strangers

Sit through boring sales pitches and presentations

Be good at awkward small talk

Leave meeting the most relevant people up to chance


But… networking is critical. One great connection can instantly change your business, your career, and your life for the better.

So instead of just complaining about networking, we’ve created our IDEAL NETWORKING EVENT – a fun, yet systematic approach to sort, sift and screen your way to the right people at Factory in record time.

It’s Serendipity on Steroids: 1 month of “chance meetings” engineered into 1 hour.

All for free.

It’s as close to “Done-For-You” networking as it gets… without you hiring a personal PR agent 🙂

Smart Networking is a one-hour curated networking event designed from the ground up to connect you to the right people, faster.


Here’s how it works:

Apply: Apply to (and prepare for) Smart Networking by filling out this short 5 minute survey before May 29th.

We Organize: We’ll use your responses to assemble “Topic Tables” so you can meet interesting and relevant members of the community.

Get Invited: Invitations will be sent out 3 days before the event

Simple Prep: Come prepared to briefly talk about

1) a recent WIN or INSIGHT you’ve had related to your topic (aka, something to give)

2) a QUESTION you’d want to ask your group (aka, something to get).

Network After: The event leads right into Friday Drinks, so you can chase up and continue any interesting conversations you start, and share them with the rest of the Factory Community

Participant List: After the event, we’ll share a Google Doc with all the attendees so you can follow up with all the cool people you meet


Networking doesn’t have to be awkward, time-consuming, inefficient and tedious. Let’s fix it!




Please make sure you apply by May 29th, so we have time to send out invitations and create the most relevant groups possible before the event.



June 1, 2018

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


1st Floor, Lounge, Factory Berlin Mitte


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