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Imagine a future where we all incorporate the art of knowledge sharing into our every day lives.

Teaching is something we do every day whether we know it or not. We share knowledge and inform those around us, whether it be over a glass of wine or a chat in the elevator. For many, it is an unconscious process, which means that most of us are not conscious of how we could be doing it better.

How can we start sharing our skills and experiences and contribute to a more collective society? Are there benefits for us as teachers? In this talk, Beata will dive deeper into a vision of the future in which the idea of knowledge sharing and volunteer teaching is a commonplace.

Beata Pyszniak a co-founder of TeachSurfing, a Berlin-based social startup for informal education and volunteering. She has an educational background in management of cultural diversity, migration studies, and intercultural communication, and has experience managing social and cultural projects and events in multiple sectors.

Her passion is empowering people and building social cohesion by making knowledge and skills sharing more accessible to the masses and brining the idea of volunteer teaching to businesses.

//This is a community only event



October 9, 2018

9:30 am - 10:15 am


Community Kitchen Ground Floor, Factory Mitte


Public Talk

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